Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Sensuous Energy of BoingO and Elixir Fashions

Daniell Breda

Two designers, one sim, 10 stores and a shared commitment to excellence, fun and beauty add up to BoingO In My Closet and Elixir Fashions - the sensual explosion of two dynamic creators.

Jeela Juran is BoingO’s Owner/Creator and Yeti Voom is BoingO’s Ambassador. BoingO black metallic hipsters and Elixir white crop jacket.
BoingO was created primarily as a maker of clubwear. Many pieces were simply items Jeela wanted to wear and couldn't find. As a concept artist she’s picky about details. Jeela and Yeti want clients to feel sexy and unique, they expect leather to look like leather, and clothes with proper seams and finished edges.
Khorus Magne is Elixir ‘s Owner/Creator. ELIXIR white Latex tube top, Black Mesh top,Shoulderpads, Enameled Accessories: black garter, white w silver trim bracelets, BoingO White Metallic Hipsters.
Khorus’ goal is to bring well-designed latex and sci-fi inspired items to the non-fetish crowd.

Elixir is primarily latex. Khorus exclaims, “I wanted to make latex that was realistic, not like white paint smears, and I wanted to price it affordably. ELIXIR is this great place for people who love to build their own outfits. Pieces are color-matched, made on as many layers as is logical, and are not fetish oriented. I wanted to make latex my mom could wear, LOL! It's empowering to walk out in a really cohesive outfit

BoingO’s group charter states: Thou shall dress sexy at all times…. thou shall never wear cheap ass “oily skin” unless thou want to look like an Inflate-A-Mate!

BoingO clothes, skins, shapes, eyes and accessories are handcrafted in Photoshop and Painter. Each piece is multilayered, a base color, highlights and shadow layer, a texture overlay, with trim, seams and details all on their own layers. The fabric is always hand-painted. “I look at photos sometimes as I'm painting but never use photos in the piece. Photos never seem to quite fit right on an SL avatar,” Jeela states emphatically.

ELIXIR clothing is also all hand-painted. Khorus spent 40 hours making the base reflections layers for the latex pieces, lots of uploads and tests. She now adds the cuts and colors under copies of the master reflections layers and modifies the reflections to fit the design. Khorus expresses, “I'm using sculpted pieces in the outfits to create a more complex look and latex glams-up any outfit!”

At their recent Fashion Showcase, I saw and felt bright striking colors, touchable fabrics who move with you, and clothes which always fit. It was very exhilarating to see two major designers showcase exciting and innovative women’s and menswear.

Jeela announces, “In July, we are opening the official BoingO Skin Store, starting with 4 female skin families, 4 tones per family, 16 makeup styles per tone, and some special features, followed by 2 male skins and a series of exotics!” This very special store, designed on golden mean geometry will make for fast-loading, easy to determine choices. Like the clothes, BoingO’s skins are hand-painted front and back so the entire body is beautifully detailed.

"ELIXIR is relatively new,” Khorus reflects, “I will keep expanding the clothing, increasing the men's versions to our unisex line, get machinima makers into my SL Film studio, and offer sci-fi styled furniture."

With unfaltering aesthetic sense and obsessive attention to detail, BoingO and Elixir are proving you can be eclectic, edgy, classic and trendy all at the same time. These are clothes you will want to wear over and over, mix and match, and never leave in a pile on your closet floor!

Elixir Fashion Primary Complex:
mens/womens clothes, latex, bodysuits, bikinis, dresses, sci-fi, cameo, military, enameled jewelry, futuristic goggles, raincoats, boots

BoingO Headquarters:
mens/womens clothes, skins, shapes, eyes, clubwear, formal, Victorian, lingerie, swimwear, chaps, gloves, dresses, gadgets

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