Sunday, March 9, 2008

Do You Like Me?

do you like me?
a question you asked

the real question
is do you like yourself?
or what do you
like about yourself?

I love what you love
within yourself
I value what you value

how do you express
your self-love?
by taking care of yourself

you show to me you
value who you are
by eating well,
getting exercise

carrying through
with your plans

all the answers
are already
within you

you show
you like yourself
by trusting,
not doubting yourself

choose to be happy
it is a discipline
you control your mind
and heart and soul

practice spiritual
stay in the light

you show
you like yourself
when it doesnt matter
what anyone else thinks of you

and yes,
i like you

1 comment:

Cheer Vita said...

Just beautiful, i make you a link in my blog :-)